The purpose of prophecy is to…

…build the enduring faith and hope in the would-be believers necessary to get through the dark night of the End of the Age, which will then burst into the new dawn of a new work by God.

…point to the establishment of righteousness, judgment, and compassion in balance, which Jesus will do by reconciling the Old and New Covenants together, starting with a Remnant that will “keep the commandments of God and have the faith of Jesus,” etc, etc.

…establish courageous leadership, the innocence of integrity, diligent witness, and the grace of life in the would-be believers, which they are to uphold despite all of the obstacles the adversaries will throw at them.

…develop the disciplines of thought, service, desire, decision, and belief in the potential Christians necessary to get through the unholy days ahead.

…establish all glory, honor, power, wisdom, riches, blessing, and strength, with thanksgiving through Jesus Christ in those who overcome the trappings of the adversaries, and keep the faith, even unto death.

…prove the indwelling love of God in His holy ones and the love of the holy ones in God.

The “rapture” myth is completely anathema to the noble purposes of prophecy.

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