A new book about a new, all-encompassing approach to reading Bible prophecy based on an examination of what Jesus and the prophets actually said and how they actually said it.

About the book

Which of the following is the correct way to read Bible prophecy?

A. Immediacy
B. Historicism
C. Dispensationalism
D. Preterism (Full or Partial)
E. Idealism
F. Realized/Sapiential Eschatology
G. All of the above
H. None of the above

Find out in The Triune Hypothesis.

Based on examination of how (not just what) Jesus and the prophets prophesied, The Triune Hypothesis is a guide to reading the Bible prophetically in all three dimensions of interpretation-the horizontal axis in time (what was, is, and/or is to come), the perpendicular axis in application (literal, figurative, and/or spiritual), and the vertical axis in context (thesis, generality, and/or antithesis).

Topics of Discussion

—“An” end versus “the” end in the prophecies of Ezekiel

—Jesus’ discussion of the three resurrections

—Deficiency (Haser), excessiveness (Shalem), and perfection (Qesidrah) in prophetic fulfillments

—The Millennium

—The triune concept of the “Last Days”

—The three Pentecosts

—The triune Baptism

—The lost Gospel

—“Earth” versus earth

—Prophetic procedure

—Jesus’ triune interpretation of the prophecy of Elijah

—Jesus on the “scattering of the sheep” prophecy

—Jesus prophecy against the three Temples of Jerusalem

—The Abominations of Desolation

—The three “Sons of Perdition”

—The split Sanhedrin/Olivet Discourse

—The Triune Israel

—Thesis versus antithesis

—Perfect prophetic tense

—The devolution of prophetic interpretation

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