"The Triune Hypothesis" by H.E. Eickleberry, Jr. is now available for the Nook reader via Barnes & Noble at


Based on an examination of how (not just what) Jesus and the prophets prophesied, The Triune Hypothesis is a guide to reading the Bible prophetically in all three dimensions of interpretation-the horizontal axis in time (what was, is, and/or is to come), the perpendicular axis in application (literal, figurative, and/or spiritual), and the vertical axis in context (thesis, generality, and/or antithesis).

Topics of discussion include the resurrections, the triune "Last Days," the Pentecosts, the one-baptism-in-three-parts, the triple application of the Elijah prophecies, the Temples in Jerusalem, the Abominations of Desolation, the Triune Israel, the devolution of prophecy, and much more.

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