What is Triunism

Triunism is a complete approach to reading Bible prophecy along all three axes of interpretation--horizontally, vertically, and perpendicularly.

Along the horizontal axis, any given prophecy typically has an application in ancient history of Israel, and application in the intermediate history of Christianity, and an application in the end of the age.

Along the perpendicular axis, one can interpret any given prophecy literally, figuratively, and/or spiritually, as dictated by the historical context which the reader is taking into consideration.

Along the vertical axis, any given symbol, phrase, passage, or concept can apply generally to all persons within a given group, thetically as it applies to the proponents of God, and/or antithetically as it applies to the opponents of God.

Whereas all the previous schools of prophetic interpretation parsed prophecies singularly, leading to errors and failures, Triunism endeavors to take all historical and biblical facts into account, but as three distinct and complete iterations in time.

Case in point

Illustrating the concept, a Triunist would read the Prophecies of Daniel in three distinct contexts.

The first iteration of Daniel was from the destruction of the First Temple of Jerusalem in 587 BC (actually, from the time Jeremiah finished declaring the decree of God in 580 BC) to the End of the Maccabean Revolt in 160 BC. (The last "week" of Daniel's prophecies.) In this iteration, the figures were realized primarily literally with figurative elements, with Antiochus IV Ephiphanes representing “antichrist,” the traitorous priest Jason (with whom Antiochus "confirmed" his earlier covenant) representing “false prophet,” and Judas Maccabeus representing the real “Christ.”

The second iteration of Daniel was from the time the Roman General Pompey occupied Judea and defiled the Second Temple of Jerusalem in 63 BC until the end of the Simon bar Koseba Revolt in 164 AD. This iteration marked a complete reversal of the previous sequence, with the Jews winding up right back where they started—exiled, and without a temple. The fulfillment of Daniel’s figures in this iteration were primarily spiritual (in the teachings of Jesus Christ) with literal elements (like the crucifixion).

The third iteration will be the End of the Age, which will be 70 years long (God’s fine print not withstanding) divided into three parts (but reordered), as Jesus outlined in the Olivet Discourse, and John documented in his chronological three-part scroll in Revelation. This iteration will be a combination of the literalism of the first iteration (a squared) and the spiritualism of the second iteration (b squared) put together (c squared). This makes prophecy the first and best predictor of the future, with no speculation or contrivance required.

The Premise

The Triunist believes that the fundamental purpose of prophecy has always been, is now, and forever shall be to exhort the potential believers to acquire, grow, and finish in the Gospel of Jesus Christ, no matter the cost, in the tradition of the martyrs of old, despite the ever-increasing attacks on the Faith coming from both inside and outside the Churches.

John 16:33

These things I have spoken unto you, that in Me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation, but be of good cheer: I have overcome the world.

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